Ukraine Relief Fund

Ukraine Relief Fund

February 28

As you know, Ukraine right now is in crisis. After 8 years of conflict, the people of Ukraine are experience more violence, loss, and uncertainty than ever before. While we are enthusiastic about our upcoming collections, we can’t see ourselves releasing new content, promoting new designs, posting to our socials, and having all of those luxuries while there are people around the world are suffering. Human solidarity and our duties to one another is something we hold dear. That was part of the reason for our holiday charity event and is also the reason for this next event.

Starting on Monday, February 28th, at 12am EST, all proceeds from purchases on our store will go to relief funds for the Ukraine Crisis. At the checkout you’ll be able to select one of these 3 organizations.

These are a select few of reputable organizations that aid this cause. These are charities that we believe in and know that proceeds are only used for good. This event will continue Monday through to Friday. In addition to this, every purchase will be accompanied by a free random tee from our store.

We invite you to follow our instagram account where we will be posting updates on this event @projectorochi