About Orochi

Orochi, pronounced, /ôrō ‘CHē/, is a streetwear brand aimed at personifying traditional eastern art through urban apparel and culture. We hope to define Orochi as not only a brand but as a community comprised of members who are passionate for the project and the story we wish to tell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will sold out items ever be restocked? 

Once an item has been sold out, it will never be restocked. Similar variations may be released in future drops. Consider subscribing to our mailing list  to stay up-to-date and notified for all releases.

How long will it take for my order to be shipped?  

Orders may take up to 3 days for them to be shipped out. Shipments can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to arrive depending on location. 

Can orders be shipped internationally?  

Yes. We ship all across the globe, however, shipping rates and times will vary depending on the location. 

How is the quality of your garments and prints?   

We outsource our production to independent companies who specialize in supplying quality garments. All of our clothing are preshrunk and are printed using 'Direct to Garment' printers.  

Can I return an item?  

Any items can be refund or returned required the reason for the return or refund meets our guidelines in our 'Return Policy.'  You can view this in more detail by visiting the return policy page itself linked at the bottom of this page.    

How do the clothes fit?

All of our garments fit true to size. However, you can visit our 'Sizing' page for a more precise measurement of all our garments. 

Where do you guys ship from?  

Our fulfilment and shipping warehouse centre is located in California, USA.   

Do you pay import duties

We will not cover for any import and duty fees. It is up to the customer to make sure that they are paid.

How long does a 'Season' last?

There is no precise timeline for a season's longevity. Generally season's will last 2-3 months. 

What does 'Orochi' mean? 

The word Orochi derives from the Japanese, 8-headed and 8-tailed and mythical serpent, 'Yamata No Orochi.'  

How much do you charge for shipping?

We believe that customers should pay what they see on our store page, that's why we cover shipping and taxes. Customer's will not pay a penny.